Attention all Bucking Stock Breeders & Stock Contractors:
The stock contractors of the PRCA invite you to come and be a part of the most prestigious sale in rodeo.
The PRCA stock contractors are looking for the bucking horses and bulls that they can bring back
to the W
rangler National Finals Rodeo as future NFR Bucking Horses & Bulls.
No other sale in the country has every PRCA Contractor in attendance like the Benny Binion Sale has.

Bucking Horses:
Just like the last few years, only 12 select Bareback Horses and 12 select Saddle Bronc Horses will be
consigned in this years Benny Binion's World Famous Bucking Horse & Bull Sale,

outside of Stace's Smiths World Bronc Futurity Horses.
These 12 select barebacks and 12 select saddle bronc horses will buck & sell

during the PRCA Permit Member of the Year Challenge.
We will also be selling 2yr old & 3yr old dummy colts
that have qualified through the World Futurity Association Standings.

Only 24 select bulls will be accepted into our 2020 sale.
All bulls will be bucked and sold during the PRCA Permit Member of the Year Challenge
and the PRCA Bull Rider Rookie Challenge.

The selections for the 2020 sale will be solely based on their performance in the arena and their potential in
becoming future WNFR bucking horses and bulls.  Nate Morrison will be scouting for stock all summer for the
2020 sale.  If you have horses and bulls of this caliber and would like for them to be scouted for our 2020 sale,
get as many videos as you can of them performing for Nate Morrison to watch, contact Nate Morrison and let
him know where they are performing so he can watch them buck in person if possible.

If you are wanting to get entered into the 2020 selection process,
please contact Nate Morrison early summer 2020.
By fall, the selections are already made.

Pickup Horses:
8 pickup horses will be selected to be sold at the Benny Binion's World Famous Bucking
Horse & Bull Sale in 2020. The 8 horses are selected by their performance in the rodeo arena as solid, proven,
pick up horses. If you have pick up horses that you want to be considered for this years sale selection,
please provide Nate Morrison with videos of them working through the summer as pick up horses, and let him
know where you might be picking up through the summer so he can watch them in person if possible.

This sale is a great opportunity to get your horses and bulls into the right hands
so they can become the superstars that you know they can be.
For consignment information contact Nate Morrison
CALL: (605) 515-4313  or  EMAIL: nate@thebreedersconnection.com
Exclusive Montana Silversmith NFR Buckles are awarded every year
to the consignors of the Top Selling Bareback, Saddle Bronc & Bull.